3 Reasons to NEVER Hire a Big Advertising Lawyer

September 28, 2023 | By Hancock Injury Attorney
3 Reasons to NEVER Hire a Big Advertising Lawyer

Imagine, you are having what you think is a normal day. Then, someone else’s negligence makes that normal day turn into one that may change your life forever. You are injured and may have lost your only form of transportation. On top of that, you have to deal with several calls from the insurance companies.

You deserve help and the time to heal and not deal with everything else. Especially, you deserve to not worry about if your attorney has your best interests in mind.

We understand that the “easy” choice may be to hire the big advertising lawyer you hear on the TV all the time. But those firms, are what insurance companies refer to as “settlement mills”.We have clients switch to us from those firms often, and the comments we hear include, “I have no idea what is going on in my case,” and “I only ever talked to a case manager, never the attorney.” These comments are unacceptable, and when we actually get the case files, we see how little was handled at all, with many cases losing case value everyday because the previous attorney did not give the advice they should have to help the client get all that they deserve. Here are 3 important reasons, you should reconsider hiring these types of law firms.

1. Insurance Companies Love Big Advertising Lawyers

Insurance companies like Geico, Allstate and State Farm know that these law firms have thousands of cases, so each one doesn’t matter as much to them individually. They low ball those cases, and many times these huge law firms tell you that you got the best settlement you could get, when that is probably not the case. They took what they can get with minimal effort because they have hundreds of other cases right behind yours.

2. You Are Just A Case Number To Them, Not A Client

Unless you have a multi-million dollar case, you aren’t a name to them you are a case number. Since a big advertising lawyer has thousands of cases, they don’t have the time to treat you properly. They want to settle the case as fast as possible, even if that means sacrificing money that you deserve to get. Their goal is to make quick money and get you out of their caseload. You deserve to receive personal attention, because your accident IS a big deal.

3. You Will Not Get The Amount You Deserve From A Big Advertising Lawyer

When you combine the facts that the insurance companies know that a big advertising lawyer will settle your case quickly and the fact that the firm has thousands of other cases they can make a quick buck off, your case’s value will just be based off what they have received in the past for similar cases, rather than the facts of your own case. The time and effort will not be put in to accurately evaluate your claim.

Don’t Settle For A Big Advertising Lawyer

Settlement Mill Firms are really good at spending millions on heavy advertising. They label themselves as “aggressive” or “fighters,” but they really only fight for is themselves, not their clients. At Hancock Injury Attorneys, our measure of success is the happiness of our clients, just take a look at our reviews. Our caseload is kept small on purpose, so we can devote our time attention not just to your case, but to you. When you allow us to take care of your case, you will speak with Attorney Mike Hancock, you will know what is happening in your case and you will have a team behind you giving you the courage to fight for what is rightfully yours. Call us today at 813-915-1110.